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Sunday, April 13, 2003

Wartime Thoughts

Over the past few hours I have been watching the news. I was overjoyed at the rescue of all of our POW's, and that they are all ok and on their way home. I remember watching the video of them when they were captured, and the fear that I saw on their faces, it truly bothored me. It brings the war practically to your living room. Their fate was unknown and their treatment was almost certianly unfair, and everyone wondered if they would come back home alive. So I was quite relieved to see them rescued and in such good spirits.

The war over in Iraq has gone quite well in my opinion, alot better that I had thought. Seeing Saddam's statue fall was like a modern day "Iwo Jima" moment. Very amazing. It almost makes me wish I was over there,being a part of the history being made.
I have never really considered a military career for the simple fact that I dont enjoy drills, exercise and short hair. I love my country and would fight for her when called for, but military life doesnt interest me. However, I do sometimes wish I was over in Iraq helping out. I have seen guys younger than me already become heroes, and make history in the process.

God calls us all to accomplish different things, and I know me being in Iraq is obviously not what God wanted for me. It was just something I was thinking about, and playing "what if" in my head. More thoughts tomorrow..I hope.

posted by Justin at 9:40 PM


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