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Monday, April 07, 2003

Sweet Dreams

I have come to the conclusion that most people do not follow their dreams. I think most people end up settling for something less. I consider myself to have some ambition and passions in my life, and I would hope that my friends would agree. My friends know I have a desire to be a filmmaker, and my love for playing guitar. Now to be honest, I have not truly pursued either of these endeavors, but I plan to. It's very hard to be jobless and live in a small town with nothing but your dreams to keep you company.

My dreams are very important to me. They are things that I have thought about for years, and I truly believe that God has given me these desires. I am not satisfied with just having a nice job and a nice paycheck, I would rather be a starving artist or poet. I am already starving, so I may as well be a poet as well. I wish I could just know excatly what God has in mind for me, instead of just wondering what will happen next.

I see alot of people in jobs that they hate. I am not just talking about the average college student, I am talking about all kinds of people as well. I talked to a lady once who was working at Long John Silvers, and she had worked there for 17 years! This woman was in her 40s I would think, and I wonder if she liked her job. I honestly think she enjoys her job, and after that much time I guess you could get used to the idea. Although I do not think when she was 13 years old her goal was to work in fast food for the rest of her life. I am not bashing people who work fast food, just wondering why people choose to ignore their dreams. I think people just reach a point where they think life has nothing else to offer them. so they take the first thing that presents itself.

I suppose people just want the ideal 9 to 5 job, and make enough money to support a family. Who cares if the job is something they enjoy or not? All that matters is the money. I realize this post is not the most coherent thing I have ever written, but its just something I was thinking about today. Maybe I will write someting of more substance later.

Oh so here is a cool little tibit. I was talking to Michaela online yesterday ( she rocks) and we were talking about relationships. I was talking about the kind of girl I wanted, and I has a profound thought. I said, "I want a girl who will love me with her actions and not just her words". I thought that was a really good line, so stay tuned for the poem.

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