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Monday, March 24, 2003

Relationship Ramblings (Incoherently I Might Add)

I just returned from a late night jam session with my good friend Eric Linton. He is learning bass guitar, and so he wanted me to rock out with him for a little bit. We got to talking about life as always, and he was talking about this girl he met who he is pretty interested in. So he is happy considering that this girl is also pretty smitten herself. We ended up talking about my current singleness, and why I am single.

I have been single for over two years now, and it has been a rough time. Alot of people look at singleness as a blessing, although sometimes I see it as a burden. The main reason I have been single is from lack of options. I live in a small town which is inhabited by a small bible college, and so you only meet small town bible college girls. You would think that this would be THE place for meeting great christian girls. Well maybe for some people, but not for me. The kind of girls I am interested in rarely find themselves within 8 hours of me. They are usually sitting in coffee houses sipping irish creme lattes while reading the latest Harry Potter novel. Or they are watching Braveheart for the 50th time. Maybe they are even getting online to buy tickets for the closest Dave Matthews show. All I know is, she is not here. Maybe she is overseas or something.

I feel like I am giving the wrong impression here. I am not trying to bash girls who go to a bible college. It's just that from my experince at a bible college, I have never met the kind of girl I desire. I do want a girl who has a relationship with Jesus Christ, but there are other things I want in a girl as well. I have honestly tried not to limit myself when it comes to relationships. My first love lived 10 hours away in Tennessee, and I was fine with the distance. Of course we never really dated, but thats another story. I have even talked to a few girls online that I think would have been wonderful girls to date, but things never worked. I have dated girls from church, from chance meetings at the mall, and from college. Still things never seem to fit together. Not in God's plan I suppose. Well I wish He would send me a memo or something.

For those of you who don't know, I have a thing for foreign girls. Girls with accents. I told a friend of mine a few months back that I was just going to sell everything I own and move to Scotland and meet a good scottish girl and live the rest of my life with her. Maybe I could get a job mixing drinks at a pub or something! A guy can dream cant he? It's a good thought anyways. I think when I get out of film school, I will move to Scotland. I mean, I may not have my dream girl, but I could live in my dream country. Then maybe my highlander nickname will actually have some meaning.

Heres a question for you girls: what is it excatly that you want? I have tried to figure it out forever! I dont understand any one of you. You all confuse me to the point of insanity, and yet I still want one of you! You all say you want sweet, honest and caring guys who will treat you with respect, and yet all you ever date is jerks. The nice guys are all sitting together scratching their heads wondering what the heck is going on. If one of the nice guys does get chosen, he ends up getting dropped a month later so the girl can date another jerk! I dont get it. I am single because of that very reason, except instead of just getting dropped, I got cheated on and then dropped. Yay for me. So here I am two years later still confused, so please tell me ladies, what do you want?

My apologizes for all the rabbits that have been chased. I just kept typing and all of this came out. I get lonely and frustrated with it all sometimes, and writing and prayer are about the only things that can keep me saited. I could make a list of the things I want in a girl, but I dont think lists are a good thing. My basic want from a girl is a good relationship with Christ, and the desire to try and have a good relationship with me. It would be nice is she looked good and had green eyes also! However, I hate seeming shallow, although I know I am shallow sometimes, so theres no use in hiding it. I have no idea why I felt the need to share all of this with you guys, but whats done is done. Maybe some of you guys have some good thoughts ( or a girl you wanna hook me up with! j/k)!
I suppose every person goes through this kinda thing, I just think it happens to me pretty frequently. I guess I am just anxious for one of those theiving females to come along and steal my heart.

Kissing the fire of your lips, melts the ice frozen to my heart

posted by Justin at 2:23 AM


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