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Monday, March 03, 2003

Random News and Thoughts from Ground Zero

I finally got my computer back online (now running Windows XP Professional, instead of XP home edition)!

The new Hootie and the Blowfish single is really good.

I finally admitted I like love stories (thanks to the "Edward Burns Trilogy")

On the same note, I wish I was in love

I also wish that someone would love me in return

I am depressing sometimes

I am looking forward (sorta) to my new job.

My life is boring, and uneventful

"My Thoughts on the Christian Subculture: Part Two" is in the works

"Gods and Generals", my first film review, will be published in a newsletter tomorrow! (how exciting)

My skills as a writer are lacking, and I need to get better

Jeff Watkins writes really amazing poetry

God has alot of work to do on me

I am working on a short story, which may or may not be published on here

I love the music and lyrics of Derek Webb

U2 is one of the greatests bands, and writers, of our time

C.S. Lewis is my hero

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