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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

My Thoughts on Relationships (and Girls) : Part One

In light of the recent discussions on the site, I have some thoughts of my own to add. First off, I do not know the whole situation or excatly what was said (wasnt said), so I am shooting from the hip. Keep in mind that these are my personal viewpoints, and can be disagreed with.
When it comes to girls and relationships, I dont have too much experince, unless you count getting backstabbed. However, I do have some standards when it comes to the kind of girl I want to date, as does everyone else. Although I disagree with letting something such as clothes or musical tastes get in the way. Thats a little too shallow in my book. I get upset at girls when they look at me and expect me to dress, or look a certian way, so why should I expect them to dress differently? As far as musical tastes, I do not expect to ever find a girl who has the exact same tastes as I do. I mean how many chicks jam to the sounds of Seven Nations or Coldplay? My friends dont even have the same music, so why would I expect a girl to?
I also love movies. Everyone who knows me would say I am movie buff, and I can talk about film to pretty much anyone. However, thats me. It's not (and shouldnt) be a requirement for my girlfriend. Have we turned these petty issues into mountians of importance? Are the clothes, music, and movie tastes really the things we should be focused on? I doubt it. Maybe you should focus on how well you get along with the person, or their walk with God, or maybe the person they truly are on the inside. On my end, I wouldnt let something so petty as Gap clothing get in the way of what could be a great relationship. Of course most of the Gap girls couldnt get past my shaggy hair and gotee, but I cant change that can I? I hope this note made sense, and maybe everyone can learn something, or at least have something to think about. Dont kill me in the comment board. God bless.

Part Two What I like and Dislike about Girls coming soon
Also Thoughts on The Christian Subculture: Part Two still in the works

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