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Saturday, March 22, 2003

I'm Not a Politician, but I Play One On TV

I am sure most of America has been glued to the TV for the past few days watching history unfold in the Middle East. I am sure each of us knows someone over there who is fighting for our freedom, and our prayers and thoughts go out to them. I am also sure that God is still in control even during wartimes. One thing I have noticed over the past months is the emergence of the anti-war protestor. War has been looming over our heads for some time now, pretty much ever since September 11th, and I believe Bush's decision is the right one. I also think the U.S. government has used war as a last resort, and did everything they could do to avoid the things that have happened this week. So why can't the protesters shut up?

First of all, I am not attacking Hollywood, or the Dixie Chicks, or anyone else for that matter. I am sure there is some guy down the street from me that has the exact same opinion as some of the celebrities do. I think these people have a right to think and believe what they want, even if they are wrong in their actions. I also do not think that they are any less patriotic than I am. Being against a war doesnt take away from your love of your country. However, I think there comes a point where you have to accept the choices your country has made, and be there to support her, and die for her if called to. The funny think to me is that these people call themselves anti-war. Well I don't really know anyone who is pro-war. Let me explain what I mean by that.

I don't know any person living in this country that enjoys the idea of going and killing another person in order to bring about a peace among them. I am sure that most people would prefer a peaceful solution. Maybe in a perfect world, things could always be resolved without guns. However, read history. Our freedom was born because of our willingness to fight a tyrannical regime. We glorify the American Revolution in our history books, and we pat George Washinton on the back for his heroism. I doubt if Washington enjoyed being in a war with England. I am sure he wanted a peaceful solution to the conflict. I am sure the american people did also, but they picked up their rifles and stood behind their country, and fought and died for the freedom they loved. We call these men patriots. So why is this war in Iraq so different? We are fighting to remove a dictatorship from power, and people slam Bush for it? They slander our own government because they don't want innocent people killed? I don't either, but things happen because war is not pretty. I wish we live in a world where things were different, and something as awful as war could be avoided. I wish people could live unified in Christ, but thats just not the case sometimes.

I got off topic a little bit I think, but I said all that to say this: All anti- war guys, think about what your saying. Say your piece and voice your opinon about the war, and then shut up and stand behind your president and your country and be willing to lay your life down for our freedom and for the freedom of others. War is a horrible thing, but the time for being against it is over. The time for speaking out against any military actions in Iraq has passed. It's time to stand up tall, and be proud to be in a country that is not only fighting to protect it's own people, but also trying to liberate a country that has been under a cruel dictator for so long. One final note to all those who feel the need to slam our president's character just because your against the war: Grow up! I would have thought we outgrew stuff like that in middle school. Maybe when our country gets stupid enough to vote you in then you can make some really good choices, since you know so much about being a politician and all. Until that day comes, God give us victory.

posted by Justin at 11:23 AM


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