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Monday, February 17, 2003

A Prayer

I wrote this about a year ago to be compiled into my book of poetry. I hope this speaks to you guys. Oh yeah......and who wants to buy a copy of my poetry book??

Fill me with your love O God
I need an extra hug tonight
Lonliness is so consuming sometimes
Yet so is Your spirit
I am sorry that I have forgotten You
Its no wonder that my life seems empty
I've poured You out to try and refill myself
I am missing You even thought You never left
Fill me up with You and keep me safe
Thank You for saving me and for second chances
For the way Grace extends her hand
While Forgiveness drapes me in white
Thank You for home and the warmness of the fire of Your love
Grant me guidence and stronger faith
Hold me now

posted by Justin at 9:05 AM


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