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Thursday, February 27, 2003

My Thoughts on the Christian Subculture Part One

So before I get into the thoughts and musings of my life over the past two weeks I have one thing to say: Go see Gods and Generals! It is the most amazing film I have seen all year, and believe me, I have seen quite a few.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, on to more important issues. I have been thinking about the christian "subculture" that we live in and accept into our lives, and it saddens me. Now for those of you who read the site who are not of the christian faith, please bear with me and I will try and explain this the best I can. Here goes nothing.
Christianity (in my opinion) has turned into a list of rules and regulations, and somehow the Church has lost it's "first love" yet again. Legalism has pervaded christianity, and we see factions of "legalists groups" spring up all over. We see false teachings written down in books such as " The Prayer of Jabez", which shows us a God who blesses us only if we meet certian requirements. Ideas such as abstaining from rock music, or R-rated movies in order to be more holy seem to hit us at every turn. Also the current christian "cheesiness" seems to echo in all the lastes fads in our bookstores. (shifting into satire mode)
We now have, Thank God, the wholesome alternative to Altoid breath mints! Yes thats right my friends...its here....the mint with a breath of fresh Gospel-tinged air! It's TESTIMINTS ladies and gentleman! Don't eat those wordly altoids anymore, otherwise your soul will burn for all eternity. No No No dear person, use TESTIMINTS instead, and feel the awesome power of God not only in your soul, but in your breath. Recent studies have shown that a person who's breath was freshened using the patened TESTIMINT system stays fresher longer AND wins more souls to our Lord, than those backsliders eating Altoids. If you have not been sold on these wonderful mints yet, theres more exciting news! Each TESTIMINT is individually wrapped with paper which contains a scripture verse, which can bring even MORE souls to the Lord. So please go to your local christian bookstore and pick up some TESTIMINTS today!
(end of satire mode)

I hope you guys got a laugh out of that. I mean what did the creators of TESTIMINTS really think was gonna happen? Maybe some non-christian would be offered one, and think " Crap, I'm going to hell AND my breath stinks, this really sucks!" Thats actually what I believe would happen. As much as I laugh and make fun of all of this, it really saddens me that this is the kind of products that christians contribute to society. Well we also have Left Behind: The Movie, which once again proves how poorly the christian film industry is functioning. Instead we look to hollywood personas like Mel Gibson and Ron Maxwell to bring us our christianity-soaked films, which I am very thankful for. I think their films are much more effective anyways, and more professionally done as well. I hope I have given you guys something to think about, and I plan to write more on the subjct in my next post, but for now I think I will go have an Altoid mint.

posted by Justin at 8:53 PM


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