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Monday, February 17, 2003

My My Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)

It's late and I'm setting here listing to Neil Young's 'Live Rust' on LP. It's a live recording. I've had in on tape for a long time. I got it from Slippery Pete today, God Bless his soul. I got a lot of other good records from him and a Bob Dylan promotional display. This was done with Rosie, Teresa, and Logan at the flea market. Today was the first time I've ever been to the Dothan Flea Market. I will probably be back. The day was good. I got to go to church and spend a lot of time with good friends. It was a worthy while day. On the bad note, I am still recovering from what ever is going around. I will heal though.

Hey Hey My My (Into the Black)

I look around and see the needle and the damage done. A little bit of it in every one, but every junkie is like the setting sun. Oh the damage done. those kind of words make me think. I've never done needles, not because I'm any better than anyone else. Mostly because I'm afraid of needles, but also because God never set those circumstances before me at a time when I would have said yes. There was such a time. Drugs aren't cool, their just not. No matter what the type, you still get shot, and you still look stupid. Drugs are vices and vices really are apart of our lives. Whether drugs, alcohol, sex, music, books, caffeine, or video games. A vice is a vice. None of the things I listed are vices when used properly. But all of those items abused become vices. I hate vices, and yet I am a man of many vices. We turn to vices when we can't or don't won't to handle or deal with the world around us. We think reality becomes too much, and then we seek escape. Vices aren't always sin, but it doesn't take to long for them to become so. Even if they were ok with God they don't give us a real picture of anything, they just help us to forget for a while. Then we awake and seek to forget again If so many people seek escape what does that say about us, what does that say of our country, or our world? I'll leave you with that, but keep in mind I'll post the positive conclusion to this later this week (D.V.) What does it say about us?

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