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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Most Anticipated Films of 2003

Last year I complied a list of movies that I was looking forward to seeing, so I thought I would dothe same this year.

Gods and Generals- Ron Maxwell's vison of Jeff Shaara's novel about the first two years of the Civil War. It's actually a prequel to Gettysburg (which is on my top ten films of all time list). It looks to be an amazing film, and it opens friday! I plan on being there. (on a side note this will be first movie I have been to see since Gangs of New York) Best Picture anyone?

The Matrix Reloaded, and Matrix: Revolutions- Trailers look really good, and both Matrix sequels are to be released this year (May and November respectively), so it will be fun. Most likely will be Oscar nominated for Visual Effects.

Jersey Girl- Kevin Smith's return to directing since Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and the new film will show a brand new side to Smith as a film maker. From what I have heard, this film is going to be a tear jerker, and very emotional. Kevin himself is totally in love with this film and say "it's the best film we have ever done". I have always loved Kevin Smith's writing, and his movies, so I anxiously await this one. I think it's supposed to be out in the summer.

Finding Nemo- PIXAR has always been consistant in my eyes. I have been a fan ever since the first Toy Story came out. They always make me laugh. They are fun movies, and the latest offering by the studio looks to be quite exciting. I think it opens in the summer as well.

The Alamo- this film seemed to be developmental hell for a while. First off you had Director Ron "Opie Taylor" Howard leave the project due to the studio conflicting with his "vision" of the film. Then a huge script rewrite, and a league of other problems. I followed all of this with great interest, and praying that they would not can the film, since I have been a long time lover of the Alamo story. Well I am also very impressed with the casting of the film, Dennis Quaid as Sam Houston, Jason Patric as Jim Bowie and Billy Bob Thorton as Davy Crockett. Sounds like a good cast to me. The film is already being shot, and it is opening on Dec. 12.

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King- This is by far the most anticipated movie of the year for me. Peter Jackson has totally blown me away with his take on Tolkien's beloved story. I cannot wait to see the final chapter, and see how Jackson does it. He has said countless times that this was his favorite book out of the three, and so naturally this would be the one he makes most personal. I think it will be like nothing we have ever seen on film before, and I pray that Jackson will get win Best Director for this one, since the Oscars snubbed him this year. I am guessing that the release date will be Dec. 17.

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