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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Finding God's Will, or Not

Over the past few years of my life, Ive heard one statement over and over: Is this God's Will for my life? Interesting question to say the least, and no doubt a question that has plagued many christian over the years. I know there have been countless times I have pondered over this myself, and I can honestly say I have never gotten a clear answer. I was very distraught over this whole idea of finding the will of God. I could not find anything in the Bible to help me "discover" His will, and that was really bothoring me. I finally came to the conclusion that finding the will of God wasnt biblical, since I could not find anything in the Bible concerning it.
I realize that there are many things about God that I cannot comprehend, and that I am by no means an authority on the Bible,but I think maybe I have stumbled upon something interesting here. In what little knowlege God has granted me of Himself, I cannot see how God would "hide" His will from me. His will is not something He put off in a box at some old warehouse next to the ark of the convenant, it's something He wants us to know. So then why do we waste so much time and prayer trying to find it? I've know people who have not taken a job because "it was not God's will", or "they didnt feel it was God's will". My question would be: how do you know for sure? When I sought counsel in order to help me "find" God's will I got even more confused! I learned I should just sit and pray about it, and somehow the answer would be revealed, and maybe fasting would help me also. I've known people who would pray " Lord, please show me your will" and then just open the Bible and let the first passage they read be the answer from the Lord. I think thats pretty crazy myself! You may as well just close your eyes and open the Bible and put your finger on a verse, and let that be your answer. Sounds a little too mystical doesnt it? In an article a read earlier today by Bruce Waltke, the author called it "christian divination"!
I feel like the concept of "discovering" God's will for your life is as futile as using the prayer of Jabez, and maybe we should rethink our ideas of what the Bible really says, and means. I will leave you with a quote from the article I read called "Finding the will of God: a pagan notion?", and you can read the full article here.

When I hear Christians talking about the will of God, they often use phrases such as "If only I could find God's will" as though He is keeping it hidden from them, or "I'm praying that I'll discover His will for my life, " because they apparently believe the Lord doesn't want them to find it, or that He wants to make it as hard as possible for them to find so that they will prove their worth
Unfortunately, these concepts do not mesh with the balance of Scripture. Isaiah tells us that "there is no one worthy," and the story of the Old Testament is that man, no matter how hard he tries, can never attain to God. If we really believe in God as the perfectly loving Father, we can do away with our notion of Him as an almighty manipulator and con man.

God is not a magician. Our theology tells us that God loves us enough that He sent His Son to die on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. So does it make sense that He would play some sort of game with His children, hiding His will? Is it logical that the God who says He has a plan for each life would conceal that plan so that His work cannot go forward through His people? It is time for Christians to observe, analyze, and systematically determine what the Bible says about God's will. Perhaps it is time for Christians to ask themselves if the words "finding God's will" are even the best way to phrase the plan the Lord has in mind for each of us.

.......God bless........

posted by Justin at 9:07 PM


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