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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

You Never Know

I ofter wonder how my life has impacted other people, and if maybe something I have written on this site has helped someone in some way. Alot of times in my life I have felt like I was not appreciated due to other people's reactions to me. Maybe I tried too hard in some cases, or not enough in others. Of course I am not out to make everyone happy, and have them lift me up and pat me on the back, I am just wanting to make something of my life.
This site has always been an outlet of myself. It has never been something that I wanted thousands of people to read each day. It was solely for myself. However I am glad that people do come and read the thoughts of Jeff, Chase, and myself ( when I take the time to post). My heart is glad when I read comments of people who can relate or are touched by something we have written on here. That makes things worthwhile. For me, the writing is thereputic. It's not a diary. Besides, would you actually wanna know about every time I have eaten at Wendys in a week? I write whatever I am thinking or feeling, which can be scary at times. I just hope God is somehow using this to make me a better person, and maybe helping somone else out in the process.

I have a billion other things that I want to post about right now, but I will hold off. So dont miss tomorrow where I will be shot out of a cannon into a huge pool of cool whip!

( yes, I am kinda strange sometimes)

Dont lose the dreams inside your head, they'll only be there until your dead.
-Dave Matthews

......asking love to lay down......

posted by Justin at 6:36 PM


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