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Monday, December 09, 2002

I am Bored at Work

I am sitting here pondering my next two weeks, and what I am going to do with my life. Film school seems so far away and unattainable right now. I guess if God really has this in mind for my life, then things will work out, unless I screw something up. I have been toying around with a screenplay idea for some time now, and I really like the way it's coming about. I am in love with what the message will be to my audience, although telling the story is going to be rough both on the viewers, and myself. I think it will be pretty harsh and gritty concerning my main character, but I refuse to disclose any more info right now.

I have been listening to alot of music, everything from the new Blindside record, to Billy Joel. I discovered a band called Dropline a few weeks back, they have a very Coldplay-esque sound, so check them out, you may like them.

The topic of love has been on my mind alot lately. I wish I was in love right now. I guess I just want a girlfriend for christmas! haha. Billy Joel has a song called She's got a Way and I really love that song. I want a girl like that, one that inspires me to write a song like that. Maybe I will meet her soon, although I think she may be as far away as Asia or something. Maybe I should consider long distance relationships, since all the girls around here seem the same. Maybe she will find me. That would be nice.

Random thought of the day: I hate rap music (its playing at work right now, and I am wanting to throw up)

Well, I should get back to work, happy commenting.

........walking down Grey Street.......

posted by Justin at 6:02 PM


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